3 thoughts on “Ian Smith”

  1. Hello Ian,
    This is Jacob Knobloch’s dad writing to you. I hope you are able to keep Jacob in line. The work you are doing down there is amazing and you have a lot of people up here in Michigan praying for you and your group. I hope you are safe and healthy as you carry out the work of the Kingdom and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a people who desperately need it. May the Holy Spirit use you in ways that maybe you never thought of. Praying for a good trip and that lives may be changed for Him and His Glory.
    Adam Knobloch


  2. Ian,
    I love watching you play football, and academics are important, but nothing is more important than sharing the Gospel of Christ with the world. Gram’s and I are praying for your work, safety, and fun and fellowship.
    God Bless,
    Grandpa Jay


  3. This is probably one of the most important things you have done in your life and it will last an eternity. Sharing the love of Christ in a practical way plants seeds in the hearts of those you have ministered to this past week. We have prayed for you this whole time and are so very blessed to call you our grandson. Love you always. Nana and Grampa Earl.


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