7 thoughts on “Katie Overweg”

  1. Katie—I’m excited that you chose you go on this mission trip!! God has great things planned!!! Know that you are in our thoughts & prayers! Can’t wait to hear all about your experience!!! 💜


  2. Sister! Been praying for you and thinking about you often! Praying the Lord uses you right where you are and that you are filled with his love, so it pours right out of you! Can’t wait to see you and hear all about your time and what the Lord is doing!!


  3. Praying for you sista! I am so glad you stepped out and went! Praying for you to be able to use and know the gifts that God has given you. For the people in Guatemala and in your group!
    Enjoy it all!
    Love ya


  4. Praying for you daily. Glad to hear the builds went well and you get to experience the culture some too. I just learned about the individual message area, lol. Love you


    1. Thanks for your prayers! They are felt, we have been healthy and things are going great! Today was a good day. Cant wait to share more with you all on Tuesday! Love you!


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