8 thoughts on “Jacob Knobloch”

  1. We hope that you are doing well. We pray for you everyday. Be a light for Jesus. Have a servant’s heart. Love your family.


  2. We haven’t heard anything about the group since you left Atlanta but yet we have peace knowing that God is with you. Praying that the Holy Spirit is working in you and helping to shine the light of Jesus. We pray that the group is healthy and that the houses are being finished today so they can be dedicated and prayed upon tomorrow. We love you.


  3. Prayers for you tonight Jacob as you are in Guatemala now and that God will be Glorified in ALL you do . Love ya kid AND I know you will do well cuz you went on Summer science LOL!!


  4. Jacob,

    So proud of all you guys for taking a leap of faith to go and do the work of the Gospel. Be bold with the Good news you are carrying this week. The people are in such great need for a savior, and you have the privilege of sharing this amazing truth with them! Praying for amazing things as the Holy Spirit works this week!


  5. You are a long ways from Michigan but yet you feel like you are right here with all of the people praying for you and the group. What an amazing experience it must be to pray over and dedicate those houses to the Guatemalan people. It blows my mind that I am here working in HVAC and you are there spreading the Gospel. I hope and pray that you are safe, healthy and experiencing the Almighty power of our God as you serve there. Your family loves you and are continuing to pray for you. As I always say: Be a Leader and take Jesus with you.


  6. Hey sunshine, not the same around here without ya,. Andrew is having about 6 friends over. You are setting him up well. Have a great time and take it all in.


  7. Well you are at the halfway point. I hope you are doing well. I hope you haven’t gotten ill. I got the flu and had a pretty rough night with running fevers and nausea. It is hard enough feeling terrible in my own home I can’t imagine getting sick where you are. I am sure the people of Guatemala appreciate the medicine that you are bringing them in the medical clinics today and tomorrow. May the healing power of our Lord and Savior help those people that you are bringing the Gospel too. Not only their physical sickness but their spiritual as well. We love you very much. We are so proud of you.


  8. Well it is the last night of your trip. You will be home in about 24 hours from now. Dad is finally feeling better and is probably going back to work tomorrow. I hope that the experiences you had in Guatemala will stay with you as you come back home and put all of the stresses in your life into perspective as you have seen a completely different side of the world. The hope that you gave to those people with the Gospel message will continue to spread as you laid the groundwork for the teams that are going to be following you. We pray that your trip home will be safe and on time. We look forward to you coming home and sharing with us all of your stories. Our prayers are with you. We love you very much, your family.


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