14 thoughts on “Paradise Bound Mission Trip 2018”

  1. I am praying diligently for the team. May you see the Lord’s hand at work in all that happens. May hearts be changed and God be glorified! He can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine!


  2. Praying for you all often – specifically for health. Also, praying for a powerful day of witnessing tomorrow as you dedicate the homes you’ve built. The Lord is doing great things in you and with you. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing week.


  3. Hey there to everyone who is checking this blog. We want to thank you for your prayers so much. We got back from Los Lotes last night but we just got access to the computers tonight. Everyone is doing great but more importantly, the Holy Spirit has been at work. After two days of building in Los Lotes we dedicated the houses on the third day. What an awesome day of prayer, emotion, and love. Each family member gave their life to Christ or rededicated their life to Christ. We were the first team to build in Los Lotes and the devil had been attacking Paradise Bound and Los Lotes prior to our arrival. Through all of the prayers we along with the Paradise Bound leaders were lifted up and moved. Not only did all give their life to Christ, but many possible christian leaders have been identified. Please continue to pray for them as pastors will be following up each week with families who have given their lives to Christ. Tonight we went to a small village to do a medical clinic. It was awesome getting to know the people of the village and love on them. We shared music, testimonies, and Jesus Christ. Many gave their lives to Christ or rededicated. It has been an incredible ride so far as we have grown together, prayed together, sang together, cried together, and praised the name of Jesus together. There are so many more things we could write about but don’t have time. Please pray for us as we will be going to another medical clinic Sunday night. Thank you again for all the support and prayers.

    Team HRC


  4. So very happy to hear from your team. Will continue to pray for boldness in speaking the gospel. Hearts that are open to receive the Word. Health and safety to each member of the team as you continue to be the hands and feet of Christ. Hope the last few days are more amazing than the first.


  5. Thanks again to all who have been praying for us. Being honest, tonight was tough, but it is tough in the way where you plant seeds and you don’t always get to see the harvest. Our medical clinic was great tonight but there were several distractions. Tonight was a larger village than last night so we were able to provide several people with necessary medicine. There were tons of kids tonight and that always makes things easier to break the ice and play. We started against the wall a bit as there was a gathering at the Catholic church later that night, so we were unable to show the film. As we all know, that doesn’t stop God. around 30 people came forward and gave their lives to Christ, praise be to God. Several others received their own copy of the Bible and we even gave away an audio Bible to an elderly man who had difficulty reading. Even though several men didn’t come forward to give their lives to Christ tonight, they did receive a Bible and we know that God says his Word does not return to him void. We are so excited to share with HRC on the blessings that the Audio Bibles have and will be. It was obvious that God had a purpose for our advent project for this trip. Please add to your prayers a young lady who has had several operations and took a turn for the worse today. Also pray along with us tomorrow over a potential air strip for the base in Chimaltenengo. Finally pray for us to be able to focus even more on Christ especially as we come to the end of our trip. We love you all and can’t wait to share what God has done through our lives.

    HRC Team

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  6. Today is our last day and we went from selfless on a mission trip to selfish with our trip to Antigua, Prayers were answered for safety though so we are thankful for that. Tonight was a night of reflection on our lives and the things that we need help with. We all would admit that we have many, but tonight was special. To have such a wonderful group of people being called by God to Guatemala, come together like this. Tears were shed as we laid our lives out before the Lord. We thank you so much for all of you who have especially lifted us up in prayer today. We can’t wait to be home and see you all and share our experience with God in this place. We also don’t want to leave. Pray for safety, health and for us to see God even more as we travel home.

    Team HRC

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